Tenants with House Keys

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in CMHA’s Housing Choice Voucher Program! Committed property owners and managers provide quality, safe and affordable housing, encourage upward mobility for low-income families and promote stability in neighborhoods.

Rental housing providers are growing their businesses and building stronger communities by leasing their units with the Housing Choice Voucher Program. HCV property owners enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Stable, guaranteed rent payments deposited directly into your account
  • A large pool of prospective applicants, as CMHA is serves over 15,000 voucher holders
  • Tenant responsibilities defined in the Lease Addendum
  • Tenants incentivized to maintain their unit and pay rent on time or risk losing their subsidy
  • Safeguards against tenant’s loss of income because CMHA will increase their subsidy to cover the loss of income
  • Options to use their own lease and go month-to-month after the initial lease term
  • Biennial inspections to help landlords preserve their investment by identifying issues early