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Youth Programs

TAG Program (Teens Achieving Greatness) is an academic-based, personal development, community service, employment program. Leadership meetings are held once a week, where students are encouraged to explore new ideas and concepts. The youth also work on community projects to enhance the student’s sense of civic responsibility. Students are between 14 and 18 years of age.


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Formerly known as Do the Right Thing, this youth employment and leadership program has been a part of CMHA for more than 16 years.


Students participating in the program are able to gain experience working in an office environment, while also attending workshops and field trips.  A Leadership Academy has recently been developed to provide further enrichment.  The academy was modeled after successful youth programs around the country, and will help the GS: TAG program build:


  • Strong Work Ethic

  • Leadership Skills

  • Critical Thinking Skills


The official start of the program was in June of 2008 and will end in May of 2009.  The program started with a very successful one-week residential camp experience at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Environmental Education Center, made possible by a partnership formed between CMHA and the National Park as a part of this process.  The students meet once each week and one weekend day a month. The monthly schedule will have the following pattern:


Week 1: Wednesday afternoon

Week 2: Wednesday afternoon and Saturday afternoon

Week 3: Wednesday afternoon

Week 4: Friday evening


Theoretically, content delivery and learning will be the focus of the Wednesday evening sessions. Friday evenings will be an opportunity for the youth to reflect on and express what they have learned in the past month via various creative expressions (poetry, vocal, dance, etc) and for them to hangout, share dinner and have fun!


The Civic Leadership Action Projects provide an opportunity for “action learning”.  These projects are where the youth can test and explore the concepts presented in the Leadership Competency Model. The young people will be exposed to the issues, the locations and the people involved in the issues presented. The projects will incorporate professional exposure, community development, civic engagement, and many other aspects of the leadership competency model.  Scarlett Ink Media will be part of these projects by supporting the youth in capturing their learning as they go in various media forms (blogs, film, print, etc).  The outcomes of these projects shall have real impact on the community.


Special thanks to our GS:TAG Facilitation Team members, Theron Sumpter, Jr. of CMHA, Adele DiMarco Kious of Currere, and Maurice Small of City Fresh.