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Bed Bug Information

  • What is a bedbug?

    • A blood sucking insect, most active at night and feeds at night between the hours of 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.


  • Where do bedbugs come from?

    • Bedbugs originated overseas and came to the states by way of travel.


  • Do bedbugs transmit disease?

    • Bedbugs do not transmit disease but they cause secondary infection after people scratch their bedbug bits.


  • Can bedbugs fly or jump?

    • They cannot fly, jump or burrow into your skin, instead they hitch-hike on bags, furniture, wires and pipes.


  • Where do bedbugs live?

    • Beds, sofas, tables, recliners, picture frames, etc.


  • How do I check for bedbugs?

    • Inspect the top half or fringe of your mattress for blood spots, which is used blood that the bugs secrete from feeding the night before or bug activity.


  • Do bedbugs come from clutter?

    • Even if you keep a clean home you can get bedbugs. However, clutter does not help the process but instead makes it more cumbersome in the mission of eradicating the problem.


  • What can I use to get rid of bedbugs?

    • There is nothing over the counter that you can buy that will eliminate bedbug activity. Only a licensed pest management professional is able to get the products needed to reduce the bedbug population.


  • What if my furniture needs to be replaced?


  • What if my clothing needs to be replaced?


If you suspect that activity exists, contact your manager immediately.