CMHA Properties

CMHA’s properties were established to provide decent and safe rental housing for eligible families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. These properties are owned and managed by CMHA. Units come in all sizes and types, from scattered, single family houses to apartments for elderly and all size families.

Rent, in this program, would be based on your family's anticipated gross annual income minus deductions, if any. Income is determined as follows: 30% of the monthly adjusted income (annual income minus allowed deductions), 10% of monthly income, $25 minimum rent, or Flat rents which are set at 80% of fair market.

About the Waitlist

Approximate waitlist times vary by bedroom size, type of unit (family vs. high rise) and admission preferences. An Intake Specialist will contact you once your name reaches the top of the waiting list for the appropriate bedroom size. You should contact CMHA if there is a change in your address or in any other information previously provided to CMHA that might affect your waitlist status.

CMHA has implemented local preferences in tenant selection from the waitlist. A "preference" is an existing situation which qualifies you for a priority position on the waitlist once you have been determined eligible for HUD-assisted public housing. A preference does not guarantee admission. You must still meet or exceed the CMHA’s tenant screening criteria for eligibility. Each claimed preference is equally weighted. Preferences are not ranked in any order. Preferences will be given to applicants who are eligible and who, at the time all other eligibility factors/information is verified, meet the criteria.

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