Carl B. Stokes Social Stokes Mall

6001 Woodland Ave., Cleveland, OH 44104
Entity: CMHACarl B. Stokes Social Services Mall
Number of Units: 285
Year of Original Construction: 1970

High Rise exterior restoration

  • Building wide restoration and sealing of the exterior elevations of the High Rise
  • Project expected to complete fall 2023
  • Cost of $547,517.00 funded by HUD CFP Grant

Main Roof Replacement

  • Replacement of roof and associated components
  • Completed November of 2022
  • Cost: $1,936,000.00 funded by HUD CFP Grant

Emergency Generator

  • Replacement of the existing Emergency Generator
  • Project completed April 2022
  • Cost: $113,816.00 Funded by HUD CFP Grant

Elevator Replacement

  • Replacement of the existing Southwest Building Elevators
  • Project completed October 2021
  • Cost: $849,000.00 Funded by HUD CFP Grant