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Welcome to the CMHA Applicant/Participant Portal! This portal was created for you, our HCVP applicants and participants, so that you can quickly and easily send and retrieve information from the HCVP department.

Applicants will be able to complete various online forms, view wait list status, and more! Participants will also be able to complete various online forms, but you will also be able to view certification details and utility information, view your next recertification date, download a copy of your HAP contract, and more!

Please use the online suggestion form to let us know if there is a new feature you would like to see within the Applicant/Participant Portal.

2018 HCVP Lottery Winners

If you received a notification that you were selected in the 2018 HCVP Lottery, please enter the information requested below and click the Verify Number button.

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