Management Team

Victor McDowell photo
Victor McDowell Deputy Chief of Police Police Department
Kelly Fuller photo
Kelly Fuller Deputy Director Information Technology
Bo Truett photo
Bo Truett Deputy Director Finance
Ronaye Steele photo
Ronaye Steele Deputy Director Human Resources
Rachel Loewy photo
Rachel Loewy Deputy Director Modernization and Development
Jim Priscak photo
Jim Priscak Deputy Director Modernization and Development
Jake Pollock
Jake Pollock Deputy Director Purchasing
Chanel Starks photo
Chanel Starks Deputy Director Inspections
Tekisha Ruffin photo
Tekisha Ruffin Deputy Director Resident Services
Lisa Lindsay photo
Lisa Lindsay Regional Deputy Director
Schelsey Parker photo
Schelsey Parker Regional Deputy Director
Darlene Sledge photo
Darlene Sledge Regional Deputy Director
Tamara Jones photo
Tamara Jones Regional Deputy Director
Pamela Bradley photo
Pamela Bradley Senior Asset Management Administrator Small Scattered/ Riverview Replacement
Terry Foster photo
Terry Foster Senior Asset Management Administrator Downtown
Denise Poe photo
Denise Poe Senior Asset Management Administrator Outhwaite
Henry Price photo
Henry Price Senior Asset Management Administrator King Kennedy