Historic Housing Professionals  

1930s:  Building a Legacy

As the first chartered housing authority in the U.S., CMHA was established on September 13, 1933.

  • Founded by Ernest Bohn, First Executive Director (1933-1968)
  • First three estates were built in the 1930s: Olde Cedar, Outhwaite, Lakeview Terrace
Historic Valleyview Homes  

1940s: A Place to Call Home

  • CMHA offers War Housing
  • The U.S. Housing Act of 1949 increased support for public housing by advocating a decent home for all, regardless of income (1949)
Historic Apartment Building Rendering  

1950s: Transforming Neighborhoods

  • First public housing high r1se for the elderly was at Cedar Extension (1955)
  • CMHA begins creating housing projects specifically for senior citizens (1956)
Historic Mayor Stokes  

1960s: Making Cleveland History

The Public Housing Authority merged with the new Department of Housing and Urban Development.

  • Year Riverview was built (1963)
  • Carl B. Stokes became the first black mayor of a major U.S. City (1967)
  • Fair Housing Act prevents racial segregation in housing units (1968)
Historic Cedar High Rise  

1970s: Expanding Housing Opportunities Through the Construction of High Rises

  • The State Board of Housing approved a name change from Cleveland to Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority.
  • CMHA enters the Computer Age (1972) 
  • First Section 8 program in Ohio (1974)
  • Housing Act of 1974 is in effect (1974)
Historic CMHA Police  

1980s: Protecting Our Residents' Safety

Friends of CMHA, a voluntary, community support organization, became the first of its kind in the nation.
  • The first accredited public housing police force in the nation started in 1985
  • CMHA becomes founding member of Housing Authority Insurance Group
Apartment Building  

1990s: More Than Just Bricks and Mortar

  • CMHA undertakes renovations of large family properties
  • CMHA Police Department was fully accredited
  • CMHA opens Miracle and Recovery Village
Tremont Pointe  

2000s: Enriching Lives in the Community

  • CMHA and the Inner Ring suburbs of Cuyahoga County sign an agreement regarding the HCVP program
  • CMHA begins using low income tax credits for redevelopment projects
Solar Field  

2010s: Spotlight on Sustainability

  • CMHA opens doors to new LEED Silver Administrative Campus consolidating services and providing a one stop shop for services
  • CMHA completes more than $70 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) projects
  • CMHA develops sustainability programs including Green Building Standards, Green Team, expanded gardening progams and a solar field