Last week, members of the PAC listened to comments and concerns from residents during their annual resident retreat. 

The Progressive Action Council (PAC), the authority-wide resident organization, held their annual resident retreat where they presented information about updates to various programming and initiatives at CMHA, gave clarity on how to use their funding for resident-led programming, and took comments and concerns from residents.  

The retreat, a meeting where residents and staff gather to discuss the state of the agency, offered those present a chance to hear about new initiatives at CMHA. Some of the topics covered were enhancements to digital inclusion efforts, the Client Information Center and customer service improvements, monthly themed resident events, upcoming summer programs and the senior jamboree. During the forum, the upcoming strategic planning process was discussed, and the floor was opened for comments and questions as participants provided their perspective on the direction of the organization.  

PAC Executive Board, consisting of volunteers elected by the PAC delegates and appointed by the PAC President, works closely with the CMHA Administration to address resident issues and comment on related policy. PAC collaborates with the CMHA Administration, providing the residents’ perspective on new opportunities and modifications to existing procedures, including the Agency’s Annual Plan and Capital Fund programs. PAC also oversees elections for resident leaders of the Local Advisory Councils (LAC) at each CMHA property. All residents are part of their development’s LAC and vote to elect their own officers. 

Thanks to these two resident-forward committees, clarity and communication are facilitated between CMHA management and residents across all estates. This connectivity allows for the agency to hear concerns and respond to them to better serve the communities that we support. PAC has upcoming quarterly meetings later this year to discuss finances, concerns, and improvements across the agency. To reach the PAC delegates with comments or concerns, please contact 216.432.5536.